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Send a Text, Make a Sale

Text messages meet your customers where they are—on their phones. The messages don’t sit unopened, get caught in spam filters, or wind up in junk mail. SMS is the fastest, most effective way to reach existing and potential shoppers.

With Reply to Buy text campaigns your customers can purchase offers directly in the text thread. No clicks or checkouts required.


Text to Buy Success Stories

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DTC Coffee

  • 26 campaigns
  • 18,217 texts
  • 258 orders
  • 1.4% conversion rate

Made with TextRetailer

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Food & Beverage

  • 110 campaigns
  • 20,354 texts
  • 1,463 orders
  • 7.2% conversion rate

Made with TextRetailer

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  • 224 campaigns
  • 22,412 texts
  • 1,147 orders
  • 5.1% conversion rate

Made with TextRetailer

Text. Reply. Done.

Sell out in seconds

Text customers about new products, exclusive offers or flash sales. They reply “yes” if they like what they see. Payment is captured & the order is placed. Conversational automation and our zero-click checkout makes the process simple.

Own your audience

Connect directly with your audience by cutting through the social media noise, getting past the junk mail that clutters inboxes, and reducing online advertising costs.

Simplify order management & fulfillment

Get the sale and manage order status from start to finish. Easily integrate SMS orders into your existing fulfillment flow. Order details automatically sync to platforms like ShipStation and Shopify for fast, accurate fulfillment.

  • Build lasting relationships by alerting shoppers about upcoming events, welcoming new customers, sending birthday wishes, etc.
  • Let behavior guide interaction. Send texts automatically based on what shoppers do: join a list, write a review, click on a link, buy a new item, etc.
  • Support no-payment checkout so shoppers only have to provide credit card and shipping info once.
  • Deliver powerful personalization to talk to specific groups—VIPs, infrequent shoppers, first-time buyers, customers in a certain location, etc.—and offer targeted promotions.
  • Create campaigns in minutes: a short phrase (and maybe a product shot and an emoji or two) is the only creative asset you need! Build and launch in minutes.
  • Expand your customer base by capturing phone numbers from ecommerce stores to build SMS lists. Shoppers can also send a quick text to join.

Discover how Text to Buy can increase your sales.

Get Noticed with SMS

Open RatePurchase RateClick RateRead Time
SMS93%2.5% – 7.0%Skip the click3 minutes
Email15 – 25%0.1%1.0 – 2.5%6 hours

Quick & Simple Integrations

Flawlessly integrate TextRetailer with Shopify, BigCommerce, payment processors, and more for smarter, savvier shopping.

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Why Retailers Use Reply to Buy

“We built our entire business around TextRetailer. It handles everything – products, inventory & order management. It is integral to our business growth.”

David Stutler CTO, BeautyText

“OMG this is seriously the coolest thing I’ve seen. It’s so convenient!”

BeautyText Customer