Text to Order for Shopify

Go beyond plain SMS marketing with text based shopping for Shopify. Customers buy directly in the text thread with a simple “yes”. No click, checkouts, or carts required.

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TextRetailer + Shopify Integration

List Growth 1

Take advantage of every opportunity to capture subscribers online and offline

List Growth 2

Include text-to-join info on signage, at checkout, on packaging and mailers, on receipts and coupons, etc.

List Growth 3

Grow your list to 200 before you send SMS messages

List Growth 4

Make the sign-up process quick and easy

List Growth 5

Consider adding website pop-ups with instructions on how to join

List Growth 6

Use social media to promote the benefits of joining your SMS list

List Growth 7

Offer an incentive or deal to customers when they sign up