Seamless Order Fulfillment with ShipStation

Fulfilling orders is a tough job as you scale. Let’s make it a bit easier with a direct integration to ShipStation. Orders placed by text are automatically synced for seamless fulfillment.

TextRetailer + ShipStation Integration

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Track campaigns and gather data on how successful they are

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Improve the shopping experience, making it fast and easy to re-buy frequently used products

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Give customers control and independence over when and how customers reorder

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Collect valuable information that helps you build strong customer relationships

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Boost your repeat purchase rate

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Cost-effectively acquire second, third, and fourth orders from your existing customer base

“The ShipStation integration is a game changer. As soon as an order is placed, it’s synced and ready for fulfillment. As soon as we print a shipping label, our customer gets their tracking information instantly in a text message.”

David Stutler, CTO, BeautyText