Welcome to TextRetailer

We believe a convenient shopping experience is the key to increasing your revenue. Text messages are attention grabbing and seldom ignored. They cut through the noise and provide a direct link to your customers.

It’s a challenge nowadays to capture your customers’ attention. Email open rates are plunging. Social media is more competitive than ever. The algorithms are hiding posts from your followers. It costs more money to reach the same customers from a year ago through digital ads.

And once you finally have their attention, you don’t have a lot of time. Slow loading pages and complicated checkouts lead to lost sales. A purse or wallet in the other room can cause a buyer to think “Oh, I’ll finish this later” – only to never return.

We’ve turned SMS into more than one-way messaging. Reply to buy checkouts allow shopping with a simple “yes”. It’s convenience wrapped in a text message, sprinkled with a bit magic.

Let’s give your customers a more convenient way to shop through texts.

— Sam Schrup, Founder